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Dallas Crane ‘Scoundrels’ CD Album (Limited Edition)


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In November 2015 Dallas Crane provided their fifth studio album, Scoundrels, which was produced by Dallas Crane with Jez Giddings & Craig Harnath. Andrew McMillen of The Australian rated it 4.5 stars claiming, “It’s a towering achievement that sees Dallas Crane exhibiting that key-in-lock feel sought by every rock band. These four players are masters of their craft. The band’s time off has been well-spent, as every idea here hits the mark. If anything, it’s an embarrassment of riches”

Rolling Stones Jaymz Clements rated it as four out of five, and felt that “Dallas Crane have grown into a smarter, better band is no surprise. That they’ve given themselves a masterful Don Walker-ish overhaul certainly is. Scoundrels is intelligent, bluesy, mature and unpredictable…”

From late December 2015 and into April 2016 the group undertook a national headline tour promoting the album.



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