I'm Sorry Darling


Dallas Cranes first video clip in 5 years after their coming home from their long vaction. Back to basics rockin' video... Read more
Directed by Jay Hynes
Shot with footage from their first US visit back in 2006, the clip features footage from the famous Los Angeles venue The... Read more
Directed by Tim Spicer
The boys jam it all up in an elevator with some very colourful 'party' guests, including original bassist, Chops... Read more
Directed by Tim Spicer
The slightly racy video clip from the lead single off Factory Girls album released back in 2007. The clip was the first Dallas... Read more
Directed by Tom Spark
Not the official recording for this song, (originally from the 2000 Twenty Four Seven album), but a re-make featuring rock... Read more
Directed by Tim Spicer
Official video clip from the release of the Dallas Crane / Dallas Crane album. The video was the first to gain commercial... Read more
Directed by Tim Spicer
Promotional video from the 'Ladybird' single EP, released some months prior to the ARIA Award nominated album Dallas... Read more
Directed by Tim Spicer
DIY video making at it's finest, this clip was released in 2002 in support of the lads recent signing to Shock Records... Read more
Directed by Dave Larkin
This was the main promotional single from the 2000 LP "Twenty Four Seven". The song generated new interest in the... Read more
Edited by Charco


A very rare piece of Dallas Crane history going back to 1999 sees the lads starring on local Melbourne comminity television... Read more
Shot by Channel 31
This clip has never been released. It was discovered in a lost pile of tapes somewhere in a packing crate with other Dallas... Read more
Filmed and edited by Jason White (BioPic Productions)